My Promise

My promise to all of you,in this trying time of a world filled with fear over the Coronavirus , is laughter.

We here at NanaExtraOrdinary will do everything possible to keep your mind off germs 🦠 . We will make every attempt to install extra fear wipes in every corner of your mind and heart.

We have alerted our staff that along with extra hand washes we must have extra smiles.

Wish I could mail you all toilet paper and cleaning supplies in each package of laughs but I’m too busy searching for my own 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Keep smiling and have a super happy NanaExtraOrdinary day.

Call me maybe…maybe never

My days of phone conversations are over. If my phone rings I automatically think someone must be in the hospital or another similar disaster and next thing you know I’m holding my breath.

So yeah, I’m the friend with anxiety and basically if you don’t want to give me heart failure…

As long as your not driving…just freaking text me!