The Scale of Woe

Let’s face it, we all dread the scale. It’s been my friend and my foe.

This week it’s definitely been my foe. Lack of water intake due to tummy problems here and I gained five pounds in less than a week.

Ok, ok, I’ve heard it all before…it’s only water weight…but at the moment I feel horrible.

What do you do for bloating and water retention? Leave comments below telling me your remedies.

Drinking more water with a nauseated tummy is not a solution this week.

Dinner Time

Dinner time is supposed to be a time of family joy and togetherness. However it is very rarely like the sitcoms on TV. We all have different schedules..busy allergies, etc.

But I try to make dinner time an enjoyable experience. Really I do. Then it happens. The great vegetable showdown. Broccoli in mouth…as if it’s torment…two year old looking like a chipmunk and refusing to swallow it or chew it. And we survive..only to try again tomorrow. Perhaps some of the nutritional value is soaking in before they spit it out. One can only hope.