Sleep? Never!

You know you have thought of doing this…even if you haven’t actually followed through.

Call me maybe…maybe never

My days of phone conversations are over. If my phone rings I automatically think someone must be in the hospital or another similar disaster and next thing you know I’m holding my breath.

So yeah, I’m the friend with anxiety and basically if you don’t want to give me heart failure…

As long as your not driving…just freaking text me!

As The World Turns

It keeps turning. And we are all here, still watching. It’s been quite a year and if there is one thing I’ve realized….it’s this…I am the founding member of the anti social social club.

It’s a heavy crown to carry but I will carry it and admit it. I don’t seek out friendships or call people to chit chat. If you need me…I’m there for you but a hundred breakups with the same guy or the broken fingernail…ummmm nooooo…not social.

Have a happy final month of 2019 and if we never have to talk on the phone then your my people and happy 2020.