Sleep deprived

Are you feeling sleep deprived? Still in school? Part time job or no job? Is sex on your hormonal little mind 24/7….he or she said they love you?

Well let me explain something your parents won’t. They probably just say don’t have sex. That’s like an ostrich sticking his head in the sand. I hope you listen to them because that’s the best solution but odds are you won’t listen because you have teenage hormones… trust me when I tell you hormones are not love.

So here’s my advice… don’t get pregnant. A child is a blessing that deserves happy and adjusted adults…. with jobs…that can actually take care of them….not a 13 year old Mom in school that still lives at home.

You think you are tired now? I suggest the condom aisle ASAP…just in case abstaining is not your greatest strength.

As for me, I’m thankful for my kids and grandchildren…but I was not a teen in school. Just think before you do it. Think. Kids are not an afterthought nor an inconvenience. Kids are 100 percent your responsibility. Not someone else’s responsibility.

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