Cauliflower is NOT taters

I don’t care what you do to it… cauliflower will never be mashed taters. No matter how much garlic or imaginary thoughts that you attempt to bring to the table… it’s a lie. A sad,sad lie.

I bought Oprah’s brand even… I thought for sure if she liked it that it must be good. Well…I admit it wasn’t horrible, but still not my taters😭.

You won’t see me buying nor selling weight loss products but you will hear me praising the Keto life. I have learned to love cauliflower. It’s a learning strategy.

With all that being said, I want to share this funny picture from a blogger that always makes me laugh, MacaroniAndMomJeans.

Have a wonderful day with your cauliflower.

Keto Life

As some of you might know , I’m doing Keto. It’s great for hungry people like me.

However, when you hand the kids Mac and cheese along with corn and fried chicken and they try to grab your liverwurst and pork rinds instead… it’s what I like to call a WTH moment. I’d love to trade ,kiddos,but I can’t … so hands off the Keto goods.

Personally, I think this holds true for anything any Mom eats. I could have bean sprouts on my dish and they’d want that instead. To come to think of it… perhaps I should use some reverse psychology for tomorrow’s lunch.

Let them eat cake

Cake is the only thing our household agrees on. Then again, not really.

In our house nothing is simple. One eats this an one eats that. On top of that I’m on strict Keto🤦🏻‍♀️.

Last night the 6 year old wanted cake so bad (something about a thing he saw in Minecraft??) and hubby wanted me to try A healthy one. The healthy one was made the same except with coconut flour and did not rise.

Now before you think I ran out to buy cake mix… guess again. I’m a coupon Mom so I had a freezer full of free ice cream pints and a pantry full of self rising flour. Here’s what I did next:

I took chocolate brownie ice cream (one pint) and softened it in microwave safe bowl.

I measured our one and a half cups self rising flour and mixed it into the soft ice cream.

Then I sprayed my pan with a nonstick baking spray and pored in the batter.

Bake at 350 degrees for 14-17 minutes.

That’s it.. simple as pie… or should I say cake?