Dinner Time

Dinner time is supposed to be a time of family joy and togetherness. However it is very rarely like the sitcoms on TV. We all have different schedules..busy lives..food allergies, etc.

But I try to make dinner time an enjoyable experience. Really I do. Then it happens. The great vegetable showdown. Broccoli in mouth…as if it’s torment…two year old looking like a chipmunk and refusing to swallow it or chew it. And we survive..only to try again tomorrow. Perhaps some of the nutritional value is soaking in before they spit it out. One can only hope.

When the Soul needs Laughter

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When the soul needs laughter, its not one of those days we can laugh at a funny movie nor is it a day where a meme will do the trick.

Sometimes we just need to unplug and lay in the grass…looking up at the beautiful clouds in the sky.

Today is that day for me. Perhaps you will unplug with me and let your soul smile for awhile from the inside out.

Aging in America

Aging in America is no cake walk. I walked into a national chain store in the mall ( I will not say who it was but you can guess). They asked if I needed to be fit for a bra and I said “no thank you, I’m looking for perfume”… so she directed me to the section with all the body sprays etc. I picked up my old favorite and she had the audacity to tell me that the scent I picked up was for younger people.

Excuse me? It was truly a WTF moment. I was so shocked I couldn’t even respond. Afterwards I had at least a hundred ideas of what I should have said.

In what world do they have “perfume if your over 35” and “perfume for under 35”. I like candy smells and sweet scents. Yes I have sprouted some grays but I still want my cotton candy.

So to the girls that work at this pink and black paradise of underwear’s… give me my cotton candy scents and don’t tick off women of a certain age. We own jeans older than you.